Past ARDS Speakers
“The list is huge. Many of us are very cognizant of the fact that we truly do stand on the shoulders of giants. In retina, many of the giants came regularly to that meeting. I remember very vividly being there with everyone from Tom Aaberg, Sr. to Steve Charles to Don Gass, many of the real luminaries in our field… Here was an opportunity to not only listen, but to stand up in front of your peers and probe into important clinical questions in a forum that not only permitted it, but encouraged it.”
David Parke, II
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2010 38th Annual Meeting
Stanislao Rizzo, MDPVR: Update from the Old World
Steven D. Schwartz, MDImaging: Cones in Human Macular Diseases
Steven D. Schwartz, MDIschemic Index in Retina Vascular Disease
2009 37th Annual Meeting
G. William Aylward, MD, FRCS, FRCOphthCurrent Issues in RD Surgery Focused on Controversies with Primary Pars Plana Vitrectomy and Primary Scleral Buckle and Combined Vitrectomy in Buckle Surgery
G. William Aylward, MD, FRCS, FRCOphthEvidence Based Medicine in Vitreoretinal Surgery — Why Is It So Difficult?
Audina M. Berrocal, MDROP Update
Audina M. Berrocal, MDSurgical Techniques in Pediatric Retina Cases
David Callanan, MDAMD: And Now for Something Completely Different
David Callanan, MDAnecortave: The Phoenix Drug
Pravin U. Dugel, MDNew Parameters for Surgical Efficiency
Pravin U. Dugel, MDOperational Efficiencies in the Clinical Management of the Complex Vitreoretinal Patient
Harry W. Flynn, Jr., MDChallenging Cases — Endophthalmitis Following Small Gauge Vitrectomy
Harry W. Flynn, Jr., MDManagement of DME and PDR: What Have We Learned from the DRCR?
Alexander R. Gaudio, MDERG — A Panegyric
Glenn J. Jaffe, MDIntraocular Sustained Drug Delivery for Retinal Vascular Disease
Glenn J. Jaffe, MDVitreoretinal Surgery for Uveitis
Peter K. Kaiser, MDFuture Therapies for Age-related Macular Degeneration
Peter K. Kaiser, MDMicroincision Surgery: Tips and Tricks
Timothy G. Murray, MD, MBAComplex Case Management — A Roundtable Review
Hugo Quiroz-Mercado, MDBeyond Antiangiogenic Therapy for AMD
Hugo Quiroz-Mercado, MDPosterior Hyaloid Removal for Diabetic Retinopathy
David F. Williams, MD, MBASmall-Gauge Vitrectomy Surgery: Pros and Cons
2008 36th Annual Meeting
Albert J. Augustin, MDIs There a Rationale for Bluefiltering Lenses to Prevent AMD?
Albert J. Augustin, MDSurgical and Non-surgical Treatment of Macular Edema
R.V. Paul Chan, MDOcular Ultrasound: Past, Present and Future
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