Past ARDS Speakers
“The list is huge. Many of us are very cognizant of the fact that we truly do stand on the shoulders of giants. In retina, many of the giants came regularly to that meeting. I remember very vividly being there with everyone from Tom Aaberg, Sr. to Steve Charles to Don Gass, many of the real luminaries in our field… Here was an opportunity to not only listen, but to stand up in front of your peers and probe into important clinical questions in a forum that not only permitted it, but encouraged it.”
David Parke, II
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1998 26th Annual Meeting
Susan B. Bressler, MDWhat Have We Learned about Choroidal Neovascularization?
Robert J. Brockhurst, MDNew Concepts in the Genetic Aspects of Retinal Disease
Stanley Chang, MDChanging Concepts of Penetrating Trauma
Janet L. Davis, MDCMV Retinitis in the HAART Era
Janet L. Davis, MDIntraocular Lymphoma
Dennis P. Han, MDEndophthalmitis Update
Dennis P. Han, MDPneumatic Retinopexy vs. Scleral Buckle
Willam F. Hoyt, MDThe Retina and the Brain - 1998
Joan W. Miller, MDPhotodynamic Therapy for AMD
Joan W. Miller, MDRole of VEGF in Neovascularization
Kirk H. Packo, MDPars Plana Fragmentation Techniques
Kirk H. Packo, MDVideo and Slide Techniques
Jerry A. Shields, MDMystery Cases
Jerry A. Shields, MDRecent Intraocular Tumor Management Concepts
Matthew A. Thomas, MDSubmacular Surgery, Part I
Matthew A. Thomas, MDSubmacular Surgery, Part II
1997 25th Annual Meeting
Neil M. Bressler, MDManagement of Occult Choroidal Neovascularization
Neil M. Bressler, MDSubmacular Surgery Trials (SST): Rationale and Current Status
Donald J. D'Amico, MDEndophthalmitis - 1997
J. Paul Diekert, MDPneumatic Retinopexy: The Texas A & M Experience
J. Paul Diekert, MDVitrectomy and Molecular Hole: A Review
Yale L. Fisher, MDEndoscopy in Vitreo-Retinal Surgery
Yale L. Fisher, MDThree Dimensional Ultrasound
Thomas R. Friberg, MDAlternative Laser Delivery Systems for Retinal Surgeons
Thomas R. Friberg, MDPosterior Segment Laser Futures
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