Past ARDS Speakers
“The list is huge. Many of us are very cognizant of the fact that we truly do stand on the shoulders of giants. In retina, many of the giants came regularly to that meeting. I remember very vividly being there with everyone from Tom Aaberg, Sr. to Steve Charles to Don Gass, many of the real luminaries in our field… Here was an opportunity to not only listen, but to stand up in front of your peers and probe into important clinical questions in a forum that not only permitted it, but encouraged it.”
David Parke, II
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2017 45th Annual Meeting
Gregg T. Kokame, MD, MMMUpdate on Eylea for AMD and Retinal Vascular Disease
Hugo Quiroz-Mercado, MDReoperations in Vitreoretinal Surgery
Hugo Quiroz-Mercado, MDRetinopathy of Prematurity and Associated Diseases
Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PhDOutcomes with As-Needed Aflibercept in the VISTA Extension Study: ENDURANCE 1 Year Results
Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PhDPeripheral Targeted Lasers WAVE and DAVE Trials
Panel DiscussionAdvanced Management of Diabetic Macular Edema
Panel DiscussionAdvanced Pharmacotherapy and Surgical Management for Complex Retinal Disease
Panel DiscussionSurgical Approaches, Advanced Viewing and Instrumention. Case Presentation.
2016 44th Annual Meeting
Neil M. Bressler, MDImpact of Recent Randomized Clinical Trial Results on Managing Diabetic Retinopathy in 2016
R.V. Paul Chan, MDChanging the Rules in the Management of Pediatric Retina Disease
Donald J. D'Amico, MDDifferent Preferences between US and European Vitreoretinal Surgeons
Donald J. D'Amico, MDNovel Management of Enhanced S-cone Syndrome
Harry W. Flynn, Jr., MDEndophthalmitis: Real World Cases for the Vitreoretinal Surgeon
Harry W. Flynn, Jr., MDManagement Options for VMT: What&rsquo
Tarek S. Hassan, MDA Controlled Comparison of the Dexamethasone Implant vs. Intravitreal anti-VEGF Therapy for Diabetic Macular Edema
Tarek S. Hassan, MDRecurrent Macular Holes in the Era of Small-Gauge Vitrectomy
Glenn J. Jaffe, MDImaging in Posterior Uveitis
Glenn J. Jaffe, MDNew Treatments for Intermediate, Posterior, and Panuveitis
Mark W. Johnson, MDMyopic Traction Maculopathy: Mechanisms and Treatment
Mark W. Johnson, MDOcriplasmin Retinopathy: Characteristics, Mechanism, Incidence, and Reversibility
Szilárd Kiss, MDPromising New Treatments for Retinal Diseases: Gene Therapy and Engineered Cells
Timothy G. Murray, MD, MBAIntravitreal Pharmacotherapy in Complex Ocular Disease: Where Are We in 2016?
David W. Parke, II, MDHealthcare Policy and Payment in 2020
Giovanni Staurenghi, MDMacular Atrophy in Anti-VEGF Treatment
Giovanni Staurenghi, MDOCT Angiography
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