Past ARDS Speakers
“The list is huge. Many of us are very cognizant of the fact that we truly do stand on the shoulders of giants. In retina, many of the giants came regularly to that meeting. I remember very vividly being there with everyone from Tom Aaberg, Sr. to Steve Charles to Don Gass, many of the real luminaries in our field… Here was an opportunity to not only listen, but to stand up in front of your peers and probe into important clinical questions in a forum that not only permitted it, but encouraged it.”
David Parke, II
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2004 32nd Annual Meeting
Donald J. D'Amico, MDLamina Puncture for CRVO: Preliminary Results
Donald J. D'Amico, MDVitreoretinal Surgery in Association with Permanent Keratoprosthesis
Dean Eliott, MDChanging Approaches in (A) Severe Trauma & (B) Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy
Dean Eliott, MDModern Approaches in Vitrectomy for Diabetic Retinopathy
Tarek S. Hassan, MDCurrent Concepts in Vitrectomy for Diabetic Macular Edema
Tarek S. Hassan, MDVitrectomy for Retinal Vein Occlusions
William F. Hoyt, MDNeuro-retina 2004
Timothy G. Murray, MD, MBACurrent Directions in Ocular Oncology
Timothy G. Murray, MDMy Approach to Vitrectomy Combined with Scleral Buckle
Carmen A. Puliafito, MDAdvances in OCT
Carmen A. Puliafito, MDIntravitreal Triamcinolone Acetonide for the Macular Edemas
Carl D. Regillo, MDAnecortave Acetate: Past, Present and Future
Carl D. Regillo, MDManagement of Retained Lens Fragments: Are We Getting Better?
Steven D. Schwartz, MDAnti-VEGF Therapy for ARMD
Steven D. Schwartz, MDExperience with 25 Gauge Vitrectomy
Giovanni Staurenghi, MDAdvances in Retinal Angiography
Giovanni Staurenghi, MDFeeder Vessel Treatment for ARMD
2003 31st Annual Meeting
Anthony P. Adamis, MDIs Diabetic Retinopathy an Inflammatory Disease?
Anthony P. Adamis, MDThe Multi-Step Role of Leukocytes in Ocular Neovascularization
Didier Ducournau, MDILM Removal in Epiretinal Membrane and Macular Hole Surgery: Use of Intraoperative Slit-Lamp Illumination
Didier Ducournau, MDThe Ideal Functioning Properties of a Vitrectomy Machine
Frederick L. Ferris, MDImplications of Clinical Trial Results to Clinical Practice
Frederick L. Ferris, MDNew Findings from the Age-Related Eye Disease Study
Yale L. Fisher, MDOcular Imaging, Part 1
Yale L. Fisher, MDOcular Imaging, Part II
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